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Common Questions About Hiring A Drain Cleaning Contractor

Got a clogged-up or slow running drain? You’re not alone. Each year, more than one-in-five Americans find themselves with a blocked-up toilet, sink, or tub. These clogged-up or slow running drains can cause a major disruption in the home. When this occurs many people try to solve the problem themselves. Instead of spending time and effort to unclog the drain using a plunger as that sometimes makes the problem worse, contact an experienced Drain Cleaning Contractor, like Horizon Services, to do the job for you. You can try one of those store-bought chemical products to dissolve the blockage, but they can damage pipes, fixtures, clothing, and skin.

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Yes, The Dangers Of A Cracked Heat Exchanger Are Real!

The heat exchanger has been described as the lynchpin of a forced air furnace. However, truthfully it is actually much more than that; if a heat exchanger fails or cracks, it poses a possible fatal risk to a household. In most cases, unless the homeowner has scheduled routine furnace maintenance, they may not even know they have cracks or holes in the unit, unless the heating system fails! This is one of the reasons that it is recommended your system be serviced by a well-trained licensed professional company.

In this segment of Ask The Experts, our goal is to help you better understand the functions of your furnace heat exchanger and the possible life threatening dangers of running your system with a cracked heat exchanger.

Q: What is the primary function of a heat exchanger?

A: “A heat exchanger is a piece of metal formed into a type of chamber

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You Have Questions and We Have Experts!

The managers, technicians, and in-house training staff at Horizon Services are second to none – and they are here to help. If you have a question for one of our experts please leave it in the comments section below and you may be featured in our next Ask The Experts segment.

Many homeowners know they need to keep an eye on, clean, and replace their air filters if they wish their systems to run as efficiently as possible. If the task of maintaining your air filter seems daunting, here are some inside tips to get you motivated.


Q: How often should I replace my system’s air filter?

A: “How often your filter needs to be changed depends on the environment in which your home is located and the type of filter your system uses. If you have pets, including cats or dogs, you may want to consider changing your filter each month to remedy any clogging that

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