Making the Right Decision

Making The Right Decision - Heating and Air Conditioning - Installation and ReplacementThe Four Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Replacing Their Heating and Air Conditioning System (And How to Avoid Them!)

When it comes to buying a new heater or air conditioner, far too many consumers make the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. They  don’t  base their decision on the right criteria. They get pressured into making a certain purchase. Or they just settle for anything. And in the end, they usually pay for it.

Purchasing your new heater or air conditioner, requires critical decision-making skills.  Whatever you do, do not rush into the purchase decision, make assumptions or leave it up to chance. Do your homework in advance. Use good judgment. Listen to your head and not your heart. And be sure to avoid these costly mistakes:



  • Mistake #1: Buying The Wrong Size Equipment
    According to the Department of Energy, a large percentage of people who replace their heating and air conditioning systems end up with the wrong size equipment. The results are scary: high utility bills, buildup of unhealthy mold in the ductwork, damaged equipment and uncomfortable living conditions. Make sure you get an accurate load calculation from your contractor that is determined by your home’s physical characteristics and takes into account your family’s personal needs. This, along with a detailed system analysis, will correctly verify the proper size equipment needed for your home.
  • Mistake #2: Using Untrustworthy and Unqualified Contractors
    A recent survey revealed that 45% of homeowners feel uncomfortable to downright creepy when a contractor is in their home. Make sure the company you are dealing with is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and has the proper insurance to protect you if someone gets hurt on your property or damages occur. Remember — a lot of companies hire high school co-op students to work with mechanics and the mechanics don’t specialize in any particular type of equipment. Be sure that your contractor is qualified to install the system you select and insist on a list of several customers who have had the same system installed so you can verify any questions you have about the quality of workmanship.
  • Mistake #3: Choosing the Lowest Price
    A sure sign of trouble is thinking you can get the same thing for less. Like everything in life, you can’t get something for nothing. Basically, every contractor installs the same heating and air conditioning equipment. In many cases, the only difference is the name on the outside of the box. Many laws regulate how and why systems are installed so when you make you buying decision based on price, the shortcut you are going to get is with the quality of the installation. If you’re leaning toward the contractor with the lowest price, ask yourself these questions first: What’s being left out? What shortcuts are being taken? Why is the price different? Heating and air conditioning equipment is designed to last 12-15 years. In the past several years, we have replaced many pieces of equipment less than 10 years old because of improper sizing, poor workmanship and faulty installation.
  • Mistake #4: Not Getting a Written Guarantee
    Make sure the company you choose will stand behind the products and services they sell with a no-hassle, no-questions asked warranty that will protect you and your family from any unforeseen breakdowns. Be sure the guarantee is in writing and includes a performance guarantee, investment guarantee and a real 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What’s The Best Way to Avoid These Mistakes?

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