Deciding To Replace Your Equipment

Horizon Services - Deciding To Replace Your Heating or Air Conditioning EquipmentHow to Know if You Really Need a New Heater or Air Conditioner

Whether your heating and air conditioning system is broken and is expensive to repair or it’s simply too old and costs too much to operate, your decision whether to replace it should be based on an equipment analysis. This will show you your current operating costs and your return on your investment in new, more efficient equipment. The cost to operate your current heating and air conditioning system, according to the Department of Energy, has increased 42% in the last several years while the cost to manufacture the equipment, including raw material costs for copper, iron, plastic, sheet metal and aluminum has jumped dramatically over the same period.

A higher efficiency system will result in lower energy costs, eliminate expensive repairs, reduce maintenance costs and decrease the indoor temperature variance. More importantly, it will protect your investment with a longer and more complete warranty.



If you’re having a tough time deciding whether or not to replace your heater or air conditioner, use these five simple rules:

  1. If your system is 12 years old or appears to be in poor running condition, replace it.

  2. If it is costing you a lot maintain and is in need of constant repair, replace it.

  3. If you have noticed a significant increase over the past year in the cost to heat and cool your home, replace it.

  4. If your heating or air conditioning system does not keep you as comfortable as it used to, replace it.

  5. If frequent breakdowns are causing you to take additional and unnecessary time off from work, replace it.

Once the decision is made to replace your heating and air conditioning equipment, choose several reputable local contractors to meet with to verify their qualifications and talk to others who have used their services.



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