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Spring Cleaning The Air Inside Your Home


Even the best vacuum cleaners can stir up dirt and dust into the air while you clean your home. High speed carpet brushes and vacuum exhausts can spread pollutants, pollen, dust mites, and other bacteria throughout your home while you clean. These unwanted dirt particles can settle on freshly cleaned surfaces and can even increase symptoms related to allergic reactions.

Reduce the amount of dust inside your home while spring cleaning by utilizing your central air conditioning and heating system. Simply switch your thermostat to the “fan” or “fan on” setting while you clean to filter the air.

Your system’s filter will work as a whole-house air cleaner and can be more effective than smaller freestanding devices because a larger volume of air can pass through it. If maintained and operated properly, your system should catch most visible dust particles before recirculating

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Prepare Your Home For Spring


It’s time to say goodbye to winter and prepare your home for spring with a complete indoor and outdoor physical. Take advantage of the warmer-weather months to give your home and its most used components a detailed once-over to ensure you are ready for the entire season

Our experts have compiled a list of the most common items you should add to your spring cleaning or spring preparation list.


Plumbing Tips

  • Check the flappers on your toilets at least once a year. If they are showing their age, replace them before they start leaking and wasting water.
  • Clean your bathroom fans. Take the cover off, wash it in soapy water and clean dirt off the fan blades with a toothbrush. Be sure the power is off when you do this!
  • Remove all faucet handles and clean their insides to keep the screws from corroding. Use a rust remover if necessary.


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10 Ways To Reduce Heating Costs

The experts at Horizon Services have assembled 10 ways to reduce the cost to heat your home by increasing system efficiency, programming your thermostat properly, and regularly maintaining your system with preventative care.

1. Upgrade To A High-Efficiency Heating System

Replacing your old, inefficient heating system for a high-efficiency one can cut electricity bills by up to 25%. It is important to get a detailed analysis of your home and current system before purchasing a replacement. Not all homes are created equally and your new system should be personalized to match the exact needs of your home. You want to avoid paying for a system that is too large or too small for your needs. If your new equipment is not properly sized, it may need to overwork to keep your comfortable. This may cause premature failure, inflated energy bills, or inefficient operation.


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Toilet Cleaning Tips


Cleaning your bathroom can be a daunting task and maintaining a clean toilet ranks as one of the least pleasant experiences for any homeowner. Here are 4 toilet cleaning tips that keep brand name chemical cleaners on the shelf and reduce the cost to clean your latrine.



Kool-Aid: Generously coat your toilet bowl with a cheap packet of lemonade flavored Kool-Aid. Allow the powdered drink mix to sit for 30 minutes and simply flush away the grime and stains.


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Perform Essential Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

By taking the time to perform essential heat pump maintenance and repair, you can save yourself the hassle and trouble of a malfunctioning unit during the cold weather months.

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