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We show you how to identify the 3 primary types of residential plungers and provide insight on which type you should use depending on your plumbing problem.


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Video: How to Identify the Right Plunger for the Job



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Changing the Batteries on Your Thermostat

Programmable control centers or thermostats such as this Honeywell Vision PRO 8000 are great system accessories that allow homeowners to have complete control over their heating and cooling systems. They allow the user to manually adjust the temperature of their home at the push of a button or to set up an automatic schedule that will ensure their system operates at peak efficiency to save them money.


Simple dial or switch controlled thermostats may never require batteries for operation but almost all modern digital programmable control centers will.



Video: How to Change the Batteries on Your Thermostat



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Tips for Financing Residential Heating Repairs

One of the biggest concerns for many homeowners is how to pay for service on their heating system. There is no question that even minor repairs can be costly, and if complete replacement is needed, the cost can be unmanageable. The good news is there are many options to consider when it is time to look into financing residential heating repairs or even installing a new home heating system.


Bank Financing

Banks, credit unions, and other lenders may provide small, personal loans for expenses such as heating repairs. In most cases, homeowners will need to start the application process several weeks prior to needing the service completed, since it

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For slow running drains, you can shake a half box of baking soda down the drain, and then dump in one cup of vinegar. It should bubble and foam (just like those volcanoes you used to make in grade school), so you may want to cover with a towel. When it stops foaming, flush the drain with very hot water for 2-3 minutes.


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Call Horizon Services for Quick Air Conditioning Services & Chill Out!

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having your air conditioning unit stop working in the middle of summer. Having no way to escape the heat can make anyone absolutely miserable. The good news is there are many professional services able to respond to your service call quickly, getting your home cool and comfortable again.  Have you got a mid-summer emergency?  Chill out!  Call Horizon Services for quick air conditioning service. Some of the reasons to call this professional team are highlighted here.


Quick Response Time

One of the primary reasons you should call Horizon Services for your air conditioning repair needs is because they offer a quick response time.

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