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Keep Your Dishwasher Reliable With Proper Maintenance and Usage

The first reliable hand-powered dishwasher was invented in 1887 by Ohio native Josephine Cochrane and unveiled at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. By the 1970s dishwashers had become commonplace in domestic residence in both North America and Western Europe. In fact by 2012, reports showed that 75% of homes in the United Stated and in Germany had dishwashers.

So, when your household dishwasher is working fine, life can be pretty fine. But when your dishwasher goes on the fritz or loses its cleaning efficiency, your personal efficiency can take a major hit. Although dishwasher repairs usually aren’t always major projects or expenses, even a few days without a working dishwasher can turn into a major hassle and inconvenience.

Fortunately, most dishwasher problems are completely avoidable with proper maintenance and usage. That’s why it is extremely important to keep your dishwasher in good

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Horizon How-To: Cleaning Cast Iron

Horizon How-To:
Cleaning Cast Iron

Avoid soap to naturally remove rust and stubborn, stuck-on food from your cast iron skillet using salt and a potato. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of course salt into your pan and scrub the surface with a sliced chunk of potato. The moisture in the potato will help the salt dig into the grime. When the salt becomes dirty, rinse your pan, add more salt, and repeat as needed.

Is Your HVAC System Prepared For Severe Weather?

For homeowners living in the Northeast corridor, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) preparedness should be part of a comprehensive plan to develop readiness before severe weather strikes, as well as recovery procedures after the storm has passed. During the spring and summer months, the Horizon Services’ footprint is uniquely positioned to be affected by a variety of severe weather events, including damaging thunderstorms producing hail and potentially spinning off tornadoes. Ocean-spawned tropical storms and hurricanes may make landfall as they come up the eastern coastline causing significant damage including flooding to many low-lying areas.

With that, air conditioning and heating systems are susceptible to storm damage in several ways. HVAC preparedness takes into account physical damage from water, wind, and impact, as well as harm from electrical sources. And, since central air conditioning systems

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Discover The Very Best Way to Protect Your Pets From Ticks

Did you know that the Delaware Valley is one of the epicenters for Lyme disease, the debilitating condition carried by very tiny deer ticks and transmitted to people and animals via a bite? No matter how you slice the numbers, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are among the most affected states in the country. In fact southeastern Pennsylvania is the hardest-hit, with Chester County reporting an especially high number of cases.

Reduce Tick Encounters

Pets are important to your family and protecting them from tick-bites and tick-borne illnesses, like Lyme disease, should be part of your tick bite prevention program. Over 74% of pets living in wooded regions in our area are exposed to infected ticks and are at risk for developing Lyme disease. Not only do you want to keep your pets healthy, but dogs and cats that roam in tick areas can be a risk to your family by bringing ticks to you when you

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Horizon How-To: Naturally Popped Pest Control

Horizon How-To:
Naturally Popped Pest Control

Have a summer ant infestation? Measure out a cup of popcorn kernels, put them in a blender on high-speed for about 30 seconds, and you’ll up with a batch of fresh natural ant repellent. Spread the homemade cornmeal around ant trails and entry way points in your home – in a few days your ant problem will be gone!